Extensional Flow Mixer Inc.



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Extensional Flow Mixer Inc. conducts not only research on industrial technology, but also on fundamental study of  polymer nanocomposite, mixing, blend and alloy, and other rheology study . Our focus is on the effects of processing on blend/alloy's morphology and macroscopic properties. Breakthrough extensional flow mixers have been made, which can be embedded in extrusion screws, dies or attached to extruders, or other equipment. The mixer promotes homogenizing and mixing plastics, eliminates gels, makes mixing in a single screw extruder outperforming that in a twin screw, and incorporates elastomers and other additives.

Research paper is available on request.

EFM Inc. presented a paper at ANTEC 2000 at Orlando, Florida, on May 10, 2000. Check COMPREHENSIVE STUDY OF A NEW EXTENSIONAL FLOW MIXER for details.

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